About Me


Mallory Your TrainerHello, my name is Mallory I have been in the Fitness Industry since 2002 and Group Instruction through Powder Blue Production now Beachbody certified to teach TurboKick.  I started with  Bally’s Total Fitness and currently train privately in different locations; such as: Clients home, in their own gym of choice.  As well teach group exercise and group challenges in Manhattan.  My outdoors group sessions are held in different locations such as: Brooklyn Prospect Park, Seaview Park in Brooklyn Canarsie, Baisley Park in Jamaica Queens, and also online training.  On Facebook I hold private Group Challenges, such as: Clean Eating Challenge, workouts etc. Therefore; you can be anywhere around the world I can be your Personal Trainer/Coach as long you’re willing to commit to see results.

My years of experience in training clients as allowed me to work with a few well known A list clients in the music industry such as: The executive producer of 106 & Park B.E.T, Sr. Editor, Black Enterprise magazine, Tiffany Jewelry executive. In my years of working at Bally’s Total Fitness and the countless clients that I have trained over the years at Bally’s Total Fitness.  

I have a great passion for the fitness industry and seeing the changes in someone who trusted me long enough to help make a difference in their lifestyle. It all started from High school when I joined the basketball team, volleyball and body building class.  After high school I started a group exercise in bike riding from Queens Village NY, to Farrockaway Queens for about 2 to3 years. When I attended QueensBorough Community College I joined the body building team to further my knowledge of the anotomy of building the body, which to me is a work of art. It though me to be discipline and of course how to be patient.  The art of transforming the body and seeing the transformation made me fall in love with fitness even more. 

Being a personal trainer brings me joy; a joy that I see in my clients face from the beginning and through their transformation from mentally and physically.  This kind of journey a Personal Trainer must have the passion to be involve in this kind of line of work; It touches my heart deeply that I can make a difference in someone’s life.  To be a Personal Trainer it means you  must be patient, a great listener, friendly, personal with your clients and some will become your friends and to be able to understand your clients and remembering all their issues even birthdays to me is a must.

I make myself available to my clients 24 hours either by phone, text or email.  I can relate to my clients due to the fact that I can relate to my clients; due to the fact I have fluctuate in weights in the pass.  Mother nature as thrown a few curves balls on me with a few medical issues from eight major surgeries and about 5-6 car accidents; therefore  I’m a testimony for many as well my clients who continues to use the word ” I can’t” and I can truly understand my clients struggles.  All I’m asking that you be open minded to ” A CHANCE YOUR MIND SET “.  I understand that it’s easier said than done all I want you to do is to start today and take it one day at a time.  I promise you once you apply positive thoughts the physical will follow.  Don’t hesitate let’s chat!.

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